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Hurricane Laura and Delta Damage Claims Information

Insurers are denying or underpaying too many hurricane damage claims. In 2020, Hurricans Laura, Delta, and Zeta caused devastating damage to Louisiana properties. Unfortunately, even in times like these insurers keep their own interests in mind. Insurers pay you less money so they can keep more. You’ve paid your premiums earnestly, and you trusted your insurance company would be there when you need them. Moreover, this is not what we see happening in Louisiana.

Hurricane Damage claim stats for Laura and Delta

In light of underpaid or denied hurricane damage claims, Insurance Journal says Louisiana policy holders filed roughly 169,891 hurricane damage claims by Dec 31, 2020. Of those claims, insurers closed 130,816 of them. Only 77,181 claimed closed with at least some amount of payment. What about the remaing 53,634 claims!? Insurers DENIED them! By the same token, Hurricane Delta insurance claims paid out at only 53%, Hurricane Zeta claims paid at just 46%! Don’t become one of these statistics.

If your insurance company unfairly handled your hurricane damage claim, consider contacting our law office. Contact us before it is too late. As a matter of fact, hurricane damage claims have a time period where you may challenge your insurance company. Don’t let the time pass. Lousiana has laws (that include fees and pentalties) to address underpaid or wrongfully denied hurricane damage claims.

Did your insurer deny or not pay enough for your hurricane damage claim?

Just because your insurance company sent out their chosen adjuster, wrote up some damage, and cut you a check does not necessarily mean compensation was fairly appropriated. As they say, “the devil is always in the details”. After the hurricanes there were thousands of adjusters driving in from all over. Insurers set up crash courses for insurance adjusters. In like manner, in many cases these courses lasted only a few days. These insurance adjusters may have been under pressure to adjust damage quickly, which could have resulted in the adjuster not giving you the time needed to fully asset your hurricane damage claim. Inspect your property closely and look for the small things that are indicators of larger underlying damage. Look for cracks in your caulking, look for fog in your double-paned windows, look for separated trim and baseboards, look for broken or shifted rafters in your attic.

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Call our law office at (337) 877-0000, or fill out the form below. We will contact your insurer and seek a fair settlement. Rather than saving insurance company’s money, our insurance claim adjusters focus on uncovering your damages. Furthermore, the adjusters will spend the time needed to fully uncover hurricane damage. We will compel your insurer to treat your hurricane damage claim fairly. Scores of hurricane damage claims have already been processed and settled by our office. Use our firm to settle your hurricane damage claim.

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